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OTT Bundled Subscription: Pay Less Watch More.

There’s no need to pay for each OTT app separately for online entertainment. Although the number of OTT platforms is growing, not everyone can afford to subscribe to each major OTT platform separately. 

In India, the expansion of over-the-top (OTT) services is accelerating. At the same time, the number of OTT platforms is growing, but not everyone can subscribe to each major OTT separately. This is unnecessary because all OTT service providers in India include many OTT subscriptions as part of their telecom or broadband bundles. This is known as a “bundle subscription,” and it benefits OTT providers, telecom carriers, and customers alike.  Integrate ISPs with OTT for bundled benefits and margins.

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What is a bundle subscription, and how does it work? 

In India, there are approximately 1.10 million mobile phone connections. To attract and maintain consumers in such a large market, every mobile provider offers value-added services. A bundled OTT subscription is one of them. That is, with a single plan, you can get a package of free subscriptions with just a single bundle subscription. Know what OTT is and how it works and why should one use it?

How much is the OTT monthly charge? 

You can choose the subscription plan listed on any OTT app after downloading it. It’s as simple as that. The following are some of the best OTT packages provided by the OTT service providers in India:  

Netflix Basic: ₹199 Standard: ₹499 Premium: ₹649  
Amazon Prime Video Monthly: ₹129 Yearly: ₹999  
Disney+ Hotstar VIP: ₹399 (Yearly) Premium: ₹1499 (Yearly) Premium: ₹299 (Monthly)  
Zee5 Monthly: ₹99 3 Months: ₹299 Yearly: ₹499  
Sony LIV Premium Monthly: ₹299 6 Months: ₹699 Yearly: ₹999   
LIV Special+ With Ads: ₹199 No Ads: ₹399  
Voot Select  Monthly: ₹99 Yearly: ₹399  
Alt Balaji 3 Months: ₹100 6 Months: ₹180 12 Months: ₹300  
Hoichoi Yearly: ₹599 Yearly: ₹899  
Mx Player FREE  
Jio Cinema FREE 

Within the OTT service providers in India, Jio is a disruptor. Jio is referred to as a “disruptor” in the Indian telecom business. With its debut, Jio reduced the cost of mobile telephones and data to the point where the other carriers had no choice but to follow suit. YuppTV Scope has launched a new initiative in this space – low-cost bundled OTT subscriptions.  

YuppTV Scope offers Sony LIV, Zee5, aha, Voot Select, YuppTV, and much more, FREE for 30 days. With a single subscription, you get more than 300+ live TV channels, 8000+movies, 500+TV shows, 100+ original content, live sports, news, and others in 12+ languages completely free for the first 30 days on YuppTV Scope. We also offer Superstar Premium 1 – ₹ 749 plan, where you get 100Mbps* high-speed internet, 300+ Live TV Channels & Free OTT entertainment, and Sony LIV, Zee5, aha, Voot Select & YuppTV. We also offer Superstar Premium Plus – ₹ 999 plan, where you get 150Mbps* high-speed internet, 300+ Live TV Channels & Free OTT entertainment, and Disney+ Hotstar, Lionsgate, Hungama, Sony LIV, Zee5, Voot Select, Shemaroo & YuppTV, exclusively for BSNL Cinema plus customers.  

Girish Wankhede, a film and OTT trade analyst, discusses bundles that every OTT must achieve. Every OTT platform understands that telecommunications and broadband providers have a sizable client base. They will not be able to attract as many people on their own as they can with the bundled deal. Everyone, however, requires volume, and the bundled subscription is a volume game. There is a revenue split between OTT and telecom firms. Getting their subscribers costs the same. In partnership with the telecom firm, a portion of the cost is shared here. Subscription bundles are a win-win situation for everyone. 

The Indian market highly prices sensitive. When a customer makes a purchase decision, the price is a critical factor to consider. Multinational OTT platforms are aware of this as well. As a result, they’ve decided to use a package deal strategy to attract more clients. This bundled subscription is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Telecom businesses provide value to their customers, OTT obtains the subscriber, and the subscriber’s cost is decreased. People in India seek bundled items in 79 percent of cases. People bought numerous OTT platform subscriptions during the coronavirus-related lockdown last year.  

Most customers have subscribed for a year and are watching their favorite episodes, series, movies there. Users, however, are overwhelmed by the segmentation of various platforms, their pricing, and are unable to determine which platforms to subscribe to, as many feared. With YuppTV Scope, you can watch TV anytime, anywhere and it’s supported by 27 plus devices of your choice – be it mobile, PC/laptop, iPad/tablets, Smart TVs, and so on. You can get unlimited entertainment with a single subscription to YuppTV Scope, which includes Zee5, Voot Select, Sony LIV, and other OTT platforms.  With YuppTv Scope, you can watch all your favorite and most popular shows before the telecast with just a click. With YuppTv Scope, you get hassle-free content discovery at your fingertips. And it’s absolutely free for 30 days.  

We hope this blog clears your doubt regarding OTT Platforms, OTT Players, which are the top OTT service providers in India, and what are the best OTT packages. We have also given brief information about what a bundle subscription is, how does it work, OTT monthly charge, what are the benefits for the user. Watch out for our next blogs where we talk about how to get unlimited HD content with super-speed Internet and how to get Live TV and Premium OTT entertainment with one single subscription. 

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