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OTT: What is OTT? Why should one use it?  

If you have heard of the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, or Netflix you already have a fair idea of what OTT stands for. Many TV viewers are gradually moving away from traditional programming and moving towards OTT platforms in India. 

Most media companies are openly embracing the transformation since it appears to be inevitable. OTT means a lot to us and it can help each and everyone gets much closer to the entertainment ecosystem. Any streaming service that provides material over the internet is referred to as ‘OTT.’ As the name implies, the service is delivered ‘on top’ of another platform. In recent years, a customer would sign up for cable and the cable TV provider would be responsible for programming supply and availability. Users can now sign up for OTT apps such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video and access their content via the internet. Currently, the cable company only offers internet connectivity and has no control over the content you consume. 

As OTT is such a new phenomenon, there is a lot of room for expansion. Many companies are entering the OTT industry, giving consumers a wider range of options and boosting the amount of ad inventory available to advertisers. As more people cut the cord and go to online-only media consumption, OTT services will become a more important means to reach these customers. 

Without a doubt, the most significant advertising benefit of OTT is your company’s prospective capacity to engage with a younger, wealthier, and broader media-consuming audience than traditional programming allows. According to recent research by Nielsen, a media organization that helps monitor how many people watch specific TV episodes, young adults’ cable TV consumption has dropped by 40% in the last five years. Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is also effective with this population. Approximately 98 percent of OTT device viewers watch the entire commercial. 

This indicates that the desire to skip or fast forward through advertisements, which has existed since the invention of the VCR and DVR, has mostly died out among this demographic of media consumers. 

To put it another way, your commercials are being watched by a large, young, and wealthy audience. Your company’s message will be sent to them via OTT devices. OTT advertising provides significantly more transparency as to who is watching the given content than traditional TV consumption measurements, which were dependent on large sample sizes and extending perceived data. 

You will know who’s watching, as well as some demographic information, but you will also know what they are viewing when they are watching it, and on what device they are watching it. This allows you to target your commercials very precisely in order to maximize your return on investment.  

Consumers also value the option to decide and feel in control of what content they want to watch, which includes ads. Consumers can choose between prospective advertising during an imminent content break at several OTT content providers. As a result, the consumer feels more engaged, and your message has a better chance of engaging. 

Why should one use OTT? 

As more and more media businesses shift their focus to Over-the-Top video services, it’s only logical for you or your brand to fall in line. Here are some of the reasons why you should use OTT.  Integrate ISPs with OTT for better benefits and customer acquisition.

1. Wide Range of Compatibility 

You don’t always need your TV to watch your favorite shows, unlike traditional broadcasting. As long as you have Wi-Fi or an internet connection on any gadget. All you have to do now is to download the relevant applications and sign up for the service and binge-watch your favorite shows, movies, sports, Live TV anytime, anywhere. 

The same account can be used across many gadgets. The following are some examples of devices that support OTT streaming:  

  • Smart Phones 

OTT apps are available for both Apple and Android smartphones and can be downloaded to access OTT services. 

  • Computer 

OTT services are available on Windows and Mac PCs via a variety of apps and web browsers. 

  • Smart TVs 

The new generation of smart TVs allows you to download TV-compatible apps directly to your TV, including OTT apps. 

  • TVs 

TVs with USB ports can be turned into smart TVs with the addition of smart boxes or TV sticks, allowing them to access OTT services. 

2. Analyzing the Consumer’s Path 

Marketers have struggled to understand the path a user travels while making an online purchase. The path of your potential leads has been made easier with OTT. 

By combining technology and applying real-time analysis, you can now follow the motivations, interests, and customer profiles of your customers. You will learn what your leads are talking about on social media, what they’re streaming, and what they’re looking for online by doing so. 

This information can help you conduct more effective campaigns by adapting your sales funnel to your customers’ journeys. 

3. Unique and original content 

If you’ve recently visited Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar,  you will see a lot of original material created just for the OTT platforms. Customers will find it easier to obtain your content because of the exclusivity, and you will keep customer loyalty. 

4. Low-cost but high quality content

Compared to traditional cable packages, media streaming services have a distinct advantage. You not only get affordable access to thousands of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and much more, but you can also view them wherever and whenever you prefer. 

All you need is a Wi-Fi-capable gadget and a stable internet connection. 

Netflix, for instance, charges only ₹ 199 per month for its basic package and only ₹649 for the Premium subscription. 

5. Metrics for measuring success 

Traditional advertising makes it tough to track the link between the ad and the sales a firm generates. Nonetheless, a number of OTT platforms offer data analysis as part of their services. OTTs that merely supply data and impressions are the bottom line. The bulk of OTT platforms provides several types of data that can be segmented based on targeting or placement. 

This allows you to identify the advertisements that are generating money and boost your investment in them while eliminating the ones that aren’t. 

6. Elevated Creativity 

Another advantage of OTT platforms is the ability to produce high-quality videos for usage on them. The latter was intended to make it easier for viewers to get high-quality videos. As a result, you can use this to your advantage and send messages that you wouldn’t be able to demonstrate perfectly otherwise. 

So, the idea is that people’s viewing habits have shifted. People used to gather in the living room to watch the news and sports. Those days are long gone. People now want to watch utilizing less expensive alternatives that they may access at any time and at reasonable prices. Marketers can now use and reach a more targeted and wider audience as a result of the shift. OTT is the way media material will be delivered in the future. Companies that recognize this and adapt their marketing methods stand to gain huge benefits if they can leverage the present popularity of OTT platforms. This decision can mean the difference between sticking out and becoming one with the crowd.  YuppTV Scope, is an OTT aggregator that provides users an unified content streaming experience to the users with just a single subscription.

We hope that this blog gives you clear information regarding OTT meaning, OTT apps, what an OTT platform is, and why you should use it. We have also given brief information about the benefits of OTT and why one should use OTT and how it has become one of the most significant aspects of our lives. Watch out for our upcoming blogs where we talk about OTT Platforms for Live TV, movies, web series, TV shows, and ISPs with OTT benefits for unlimited Entertainment.  

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