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With the advent and continuous demand for virtualization across all industries and companies, driving their presence globally, the demand for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) has been fueling the market. The demand for broadband internet access has seen a surge and the demand for wired internet infrastructure is going to foster growth in the upcoming years. According to the studies done, there are around 749 million internet users across the country and this figure is projected to grow to over 1.5 billion users by 2040. These numbers seem to be surreal but at the same time, these numbers indicate that there is a big market potential for service providers. 

The recent report published in August 2021 by Ookla on its Speedtest Global Index suggests that the average broadband speed in India is 62.45mbps. These numbers become even more realistic as it is the highest average internet speed that any country has ever achieved in a month. Nevertheless, when it comes to the global ranking of mobile speeds, India still ranks behind at 126 making a drop from 122nd rank. If we analyze what could be the reason behind this frequently changing internet speed – our main focus goes on the fact of how the network conditions are at your residence and of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) system. 

Do you know why your users aren’t able to access high-speed internet? Well, it is because while they’re watching their favorite series or podcasts, their friend or neighbor residing next door also has access to the same network. So, it is quite possible that the same network is being used by numerous people. But if the former is true, it can reduce your internet speed as the bandwidth gets shared. As an ISP, you should certainly not want to see your customers struggling with low-resolution issues because of slow internet. High speed is one of the key aspects while viewing a video or doing any activity while surfing the internet.   

Henceforth, you should fill this gap and educate your audience to buy a personalized system in order to have a smooth experience. You should educate them that if they’re connected to the wireless internet, then they shouldn’t forget to sit close to the LAN network for high-speed data for their device.  

The most crucial decision that a user makes with respect to internet connectivity is the ISP they choose. The three features an ISP should focus on are: 

Consistency: The Internet is a basic need now, like food, and water. So, consistency is the key factor.  

Responsive: Technologies can act weird sometimes. In this case, you should be responsive to your customers and resolve their issues as a priority.  

Dependability: A user can only trust their internet provider if they cater to all their needs and provide personalized help. Hence, be an ISP that your users can depend upon. 

It is your prime responsibility to ensure that you provide the constant high speed that you claim to the users initially. But this is the most favorable time for an Internet service provider as India is on the verge of a global revolution when it comes to OTT platforms. People have found their latest interest in watching content on OTT and their prime concern is not only the subscription plan but also the high-speed internet in order to watch HD quality content. It enhances the view and provides them with a better experience. So, you can build trust with your customers if you ace both of these features and this can certainly guarantee that you will be the leading one in the market in the long run. 

India boasts more than 350 million OTT users and this number will shoot to 500 million users across the country by 2023. In addition to this, Rs. 5595 crore is the projected revenue that will be collected from the OTT videos solely from India by the end of 2022. These numbers are magnificent and this sector without any doubt contributes largely to India’s growth in speedy internet service providers. 

OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sony LIV, and Voot Select provide subscription-based HD entertainment and content services that require people to pay some amount of money to watch it on their platforms. One may only be able to afford a single platform on its interest but it also doesn’t make any sense for him to pay for 10 platforms at the same time to consume content. YuppTV Scope, comes to the rescue, as it helps people make smarter choices and provides better use of high-speed internet in one’s budget. 

YuppTV Scope allows you to watch any television or any OTT-based HD program by sitting anywhere with just a high-speed internet connection and a smart device like Laptop, smartphone, iPad, and tablet to watch upon.  Enjoy Live TV and Premium OTT with One Single Subscription

YuppTV Scope helps you in making correct use of your internet to get all types of unlimited HD content in one place. You can get unlimited entertainment with a single subscription to YuppTV Scope, which includes Zee5, Voot Select, aha, Sony LIV, and other OTT platforms.  With YuppTV Scope, you can watch all your favorite and most popular shows before the telecast with just a click. With YuppTV Scope, you get hassle-free content discovery at your fingertips. Top OTT Aggregators for Video Content Streaming.

People are no longer dependent on just one platform when it comes to consuming content. Providing them with an on-demand platform with quality content and a high-resolution vision is a value proposition for them. With around 95 OTT platforms available in the market, they are already competing with each other for their share of the pie. Hence, if there is an Internet Service Provider that adds value to their lives and caters to their needs, the rate of audience retention will also see a spike.  

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