Fury Vs Wilder Fight

World Heavyweight Championship Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3

In Fury vs Wilder fight, Tyson Fury showed his legacy as the best heavyweight champion in the world with an emphatic win over Deontay Wilder in their trilogy fight. World Boxing Council and Lineal Heavyweight World Championship Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury successfully defends his title with an 11th round knockout in a highly-anticipated match against former longtime heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronzer Bomber” Wilder from T- Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.  

The late great Kobe Bryant once said, “Job’s not finished”. 

Well, Tyson Fury finished the job.  

“The Gypsy King” still reigns.  

The back-and-forth bout, an instant classic, showed the greatness of both the fighters. What we saw was one of the greatest all-time heavyweight title bouts. Tyson Fury ended the much-anticipated trilogy Wilder vs Fury fight on October 10, by knocking out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round and retaining his World Boxing Council and The Ring magazine heavyweight titles. After winning the fight, Fury took to his official Twitter handle and wrote he should never be doubted upon, as he delivers whenever the chips are down.   Watch Women’s Cricket India vs Australia 2021.

During the fight, Fury got up from two-fourth-round knockdowns and stopped Wilder with a valedictory right-hand punch in the 11th round.  Watch the Award-Winning movies to grab some inspiration.

Here’s a round-by-round analysis of the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 to stream with the YuppTV Scope app.

Round 1:

Strong opening round from Wilder, who showed some dimensions in that first round. He feinted more, threw plenty of jabs to the body, and was aggressive. Fury ended the round with a big 1-2, but Wilder takes it. 10-9, Wilder. 

Round 2:

Fury with a clear round there. He landed a massive right hand and was far more aggressive. Wilder getting a little reckless trying to connect with that big right hand. 10-9, Fury. 19-19. 

Round 3:

Fury batters Wilder and then drops him hard with a tremendous right hand. Wilder beats the count on unsteady legs and, as Fury went in for the finish, the round ended. 10-8, Fury. 29-27, Fury. 

Round 4:

 Wilder finally connects on that massive right hand and drops Fury hard. Fury beats the count and then Wilder unloads with another combination for another knockdown. 10-7, Wilder. 37-36, Wilder. 

Round 5:

Both fighters seemed to be tiring. Wilder landed a big combination early in the round, but Fury stormed back with a right-hand blast and a few more punches. Closest round of the fight. 10-9, Fury. 46-46. 

Round 6:

 Fury continues to press forward, but both fighters seem to be tired. Fury landed a few more big combinations and hurt Wilder again, but “The Bronze Bomber” responded with a right hand while laying on the ropes. 10-9, Fury. 56-55, Fury. 

Round 7:

Wilder is completely out on his feet but he’s an incredible game. He’s pressing on and trying, but Fury is battering him with bomb after bomb. The referee appeared close to stopping it. 10-8, Fury. 66-63, Fury. 

Round 8:

Wilder is almost falling over when he throws, but he is still throwing, despite all the punishment and despite all the massive shots the 277-pound Fury lands. The end is seemingly near, but Wilder always has that big right hand. 10-9, Fury. 76-72, Fury. 

Round 9:

 Wilder is showing unbelievable guts. He takes a beating for most of the round, and then seemed to stun Fury in the closing seconds with a short right uppercut on the inside. It’s shocking we’ve made it to the 10th round. 10-9, Fury. 86-81, Fury. 

Round 10:

Fury drops Wilder hard with another missile of a right hand, and again, somehow, someway, Wilder beats the count. On unsteady legs, Wilder landed a few big shots to end the round with Fury pinned in the corner. 10-8, Fury. 96-89, Fury. 

Round 11:

Finally, Fury finishes Wilder with a brutal knockout punch. Wilder was dropped like a sack of bricks and this time he was not going to beat the count as the referee immediately stopped the fight. It’s an 11th-round knockout for Fury, who retains his heavyweight title, in the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3. 

After over a year of back and forth, with some bizarre excuses by Wilder following his knockout loss to Fury last February 2020, the two finally finished the trilogy and gave the 15,820 in attendance at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, a show straight out of a Rocky movie. This fight brought more joy and attention than Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2. It was historic!  

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